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Landscape Lighting Articles

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

The landscaping in your home adds to the beauty and value of your property. When these spaces are well-planned, it adds to the functionality of the place and you are more inclined to use these outdoor areas on your property. Your garden, yard and pool spaces tend to be used more during the weekends and in the evenings. If you want to entertain and spend more time there after dark, it’s important that you have the right kind of outdoor lighting fixtures on your property. Read more about Outdoor Lighting »

Low Voltage Lighting Ideas

Having a beautifully landscaped property adds to its aesthetics and functionality. However, these areas need the right kind of lighting, if you want to be able to use them optimally even after dark. Landscape designers do provide lighting solutions, but they don’t adopt a very scientific or creative approach to this aspect of the project. They install different types of lights at different points in the landscape, but it’s not expertly planned. Read more about Low Voltage Lighting »

Why Opt For LED Landscape Lighting?

If you would like to do your little bit for the environment then changing your regular outdoor lighting fixtures to LED lighting is the perfect option. Not only will you be reducing your footprint but LED lighting is about 80% more energy efficient than regular lighting. In the long run you will be saving some money on your utility bills as well as helping to save our precious resources. Read more about LED Landscape Lighting »

8 Reasons for Landscape Lighting

Would you like to have your property light up once the sun has gone down so that you can showcase all of your beautiful lawns and landscape features? Well then the addition of a landscape lighting scheme is the thing for you. There is a wide range of fixtures for various effects around your property and we at Nite FX are here to do all of the work for you! Read more about Landscape Lighting »

Various Garden Lighting Applications

There are so many things to consider for your garden lighting scheme. You want to ensure that you have highlighted all of your special features and focal points like water features, large trees or special places in your garden that you want to show case. With the help of a professional outdoor lighting company like Nite FX Landscape Lighting you will be able to make yours the property of envy in the neighborhood! Read more about Garden Lighting »

Custom Exterior Lighting Solutions

The addition of exterior lighting to any property will add so many benefits. Some of these benefits include aesthetic appeal, increased safety and security, and being able to highlight some of the special features in your landscape setting such as swimming pools, water features or gardens. Contact us today for a free exterior lighting consultation! Read more about Exterior Lighting »