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Landscape Lighting Services in Dallas and Surrounding regions of TX

Nite FX Landscape Lighting provides custom lighting design, installation and maintenance plans, flexible scheduling options and more. Our unconditional ten-year product and three year workmanship warranty is a key aspect of the unique way we serve the Dallas Metro area; after all, we are so sure of the caliber of services we offer, we can offer a top-of-the-line warranty package.

Nite FX Landscape Lighting wants to ensure that customers don’t make the mistake of believing that cost is a good reason to deny themselves - and their homes - the opportunity to create a unique, elegant lighting display around the exterior of the home including walkway lighting, pool lighting, garden accents and security lighting.

We understand the need to combine quality with cost-savings, so we offer a smattering of expert landscape lighting design with competitive price points to give both new and existing customers the same access to our services.

We will beat any written competitive quote!

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About Us
Choose Us As Your Professional Plano Outdoor Lighting Company
Many people tend to put a lot of time and consideration to the inside of their home and don't really consider the outside of their home when it comes to decorating and beautifying the area. The simple fact of the matter is, however, that long before anybody sees the inside of your home, they are going to see the outside of your home and that can really shape their overall view of your property. Additionally, by having the right Plano outdoor lighting company install the landscape lighting into place, you can beautifying the outside of your home to the extent where you are actually increasing the property value in many cases. Yes, it's not just a matter of adding curb appeal; it really adds value to the property. That doesn't mean, however, that every option you have available to you is going to be the right option.

When choosing a Plano outdoor lighting company, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For one, you want to make sure that you're getting the professionalism that you would expect from such a service. At Nite FX Lighting, we pride ourselves in doing a professional job for each and every customer and we back up that professionalism with a full guarantee which covers our service for three years and the products for 10 years. There is no need for you to ever be concerned about the Plano outdoor lighting company that you are choosing when you use Nite FX Lighting to professionally install these services.

Choosing Your Plano Outdoor Lighting Company by What You See
Do you have any idea how your property is going to look when the lighting is installed? This is one difficulty that many people have and it often keeps them from taking full advantage of the services that are available. By requesting a free demonstration, however, we will come out at a time that is convenient for you and put temporary lighting in place. This gives you an overview of what you will see once our Plano outdoor lighting company actually does the installation of these products. It can also assist you in making any changes that are necessary so that you are personally as happy as possible with what we are able to provide.

Why not contact us for more information today? Our professionals can assist you with everything that is necessary to make sure that you are happy with the landscape lighting that we install.