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Landscape Lighting Maintenance

As a residential property owner, you like to ensure your property is well maintained at all times- this holds true for the indoor spaces as well as the outdoor spaces of your home. We at Nite FX Landscape Lighting have successfully completed a number of landscape lighting projects for customers in and around Argyle, Arlington, Addison, Allen and Carrollton. While it’s crucial that the installation of outdoor lighting elements be handled by experts, it’s probably even more important that these installations be maintained well.

We understand that as a property owner, you want fixtures and lighting installations that are low maintenance. It’s why we plan the design and installation of the lighting fixtures in great detail and ensure that high-efficiency and low maintenance LED lights are used in the work. Despite this, there are other aspects of exterior lighting that have to be kept in view such as lighting maintenance.

We are the experts that handle all type of outdoor lighting maintenance and have a large number of satisfied customers across Coppell, Denton, Dallas, Fairview, Flower Mound and Farmers Branch. They know that with us handling the maintenance of exterior lights, they have peace of mind that all the systems, installations and fixtures will work at optimum efficiency. We understand that every landscape is different and it’s why we provide tailor-made garden lighting maintenance packages.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Packages

This is essentially an annual or bi-monthly review that includes walking across the property and conducting a full system check, looking for system damage as well as providing a report of all the required repairs as well as the system status. The different things we include as part of the landscape lighting maintenance package are:

  • Replace burnt out bulbs
  • Remove debris from lighting fixtures
  • Refocus light projections
  • Repair cut wiring
  • Replace broken light stakes
  • Repair broken lights
  • Tighten loose components
  • Check the voltage at transformers
  • Reset timers
  • Rebury exposed wiring

Signs That the Lighting System Needs Attention

While most of our customers opt for our regular maintenance packages, we also get requests from clients that have had the installation handled by other companies, but are now facing some issues with the fixtures and installations. The different things that could go wrong with these installations and will then have to be included in the maintenance job are:

  • All lights not working
  • Lights are damaged
  • Moisture inside lamps
  • Lights need to be adjusted/re-positioned
  • Lights sensor issues- lights get switched on at the wrong time
  • Clock time/photo cell not working
  • Some light fixtures not working
  • Other

Cost-Efficient Landscape Lighting Maintenance Services

These repairs also become an important part of the yard lighting maintenance job. This is exactly why we customize solutions and the outdoor lights maintenance cost will be dependent on the type of installations, their conditions and the specific services required.

For more information about our services, call Nite FX Landscape Lighting at 214-440-1015. You can also contact us via this online form.