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How to Design a Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting System Design

When it comes to have lighting installed around your Frisco home’s exterior, it’s important to use a company that you can trust to personalize a design just for you. We not only provide landscape lighting that adds beauty to your Frisco, Texas yard, but also gives an added security measure.

Nite FX Landscape Lighting specializes in landscape lighting, walkway lighting, directional lighting, specialty lighting, LED voltage lighting and an extensive line of power supply equipment to the Frisco, Texas area.

Light Up Your Landscape

We can provide a delightful blend of shadowing and 3D views to enhance both the beauty and safety of your entire Frisco, Texas yard. Moreover, our area lighting products softly illuminate the view of your Frisco, Texas yard during the twilight and late evening hours to promote a romantic landscape that boasts a high level of functionality.

Light Up Your Personal Area

Our customized forms of area landscape lighting options are produced by an indirect stream of light, strategically placed alongside specific ground and surface points. Nite FX Landscape Lighting will line the perimeter of your Frisco, Texas yard and driveway, even dotting any planters in your Frisco, Texas yard, with the perfect level of sophisticated illumination.

Light Up Your Pathway

We can allow you to choose from a vast array of different lighting styles and sizing choices to light up the perfect pathway around the exterior of your Frisco, Texas home.

Light Up Your Direction

Nite FX Landscape Lighting has a lighting plan for anyone, with directional lighting to give illumination to large areas in Frisco, Texas. This type of lighting is the ultimate in light-oriented security and can be aimed at a specific area of your Frisco, Texas home, sub-division entrance, or commercial structure in Frisco, Texas.

Light Up Your Special Features

After all, one of the benefits of investing in landscape lighting is the opportunity to add an element of class and sophistication to your Frisco, Texas property. Nite FX Landscape Lighting can bring all of this to your Frisco, Texas home and more. If dramatic results are what you are looking for, we can make it happen.

Power Supplies

One element of our landscape lighting system that sets us apart from others is our ability to understand the importance of convenience. Our lighting systems can be controlled through a variety of means, including optional timers, dimmers, motion sensors, switches and relays, photocells and much more.

Light Up Your Night time

Nite FX Landscape Lighting offers LED voltage lighting, providing Frisco, Texas customers will the creation of a soft, inviting nighttime environment --- in the comfort of your own Frisco, Texas yard. We can create dramatic flourishes of light around entryways and planters and create clear, lit pathways for ease of access.

Light Up Your World

The only limit to what Nite FX Landscape Lighting can do for your Frisco, Texas home exterior is your creativity. We use landscape lighting to create visual representations of your wildest dreams with it comes to outdoor lighting accents for your Frisco, Texas home. Schedule a free consultation today to get started on the illuminated path to your perfect outdoor space.