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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The need of the hour is for eco-friendly options of construction and consumption in every avenue. With this is view, many property owners in and around Coppell, Denton, Dallas, Fairview, Flower Mound and Farmers Branch are now looking for various energy saving options and are using green alternatives when it comes to renovating their homes or building new ones. This is a very healthy trend that we at Nite FX Landscape Lighting also propagate in our work.

Over the years we have seen a sea change in the type of lighting demands property owners have across Argyle, Arlington, Addison, Allen and Carrollton. In the recent past we have handled a large number of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting projects for customers in these areas. While this trend definitely helps the environment, it also goes a long way in saving you money on energy bills.

About Energy Efficient Lighting

Every property owner wants their property to look attractive, not just in the daytime, but after dark too. It's why they end up hiring landscape lighting contractors to install different types of lighting installations on their property such as focus lights, walkway and garden lighting installed. This makes the landscaping look beautiful and it adds to the security and functionality of the area too.

However having so many lighting installations can be a significant ongoing expense. The one way to curb this expense is to install low voltage landscape lighting. Today many people are moving away from incandescent and halogen bulbs to LED lights. Not only do these offer 80% energy-efficiency in comparison to the other two, they are also long lasting and provide value in the long term.

Design Flexibility with LED Lighting

When clients call us in for a free landscape lighting consultation, we find that many property owners feel LED lights are always white and harsh. This is a fallacy- today LED lights are available in a variety of shades and colors; this gives landscape lighting designers the design flexibility to create the kind of look their clients want. We have helped a number of residential property owners upgrade their entire existing landscape lighting to low voltage light installations.

Installation of this type of lighting involves the use of a variety of components such as low voltage transformers, direct burial, low voltage cables and of course fixing LED bulbs of different kinds in the fixtures. We are a company that focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to our clients. In addition to all the things above, we also handle the installations of various lighting control systems such as dimmers, optional timers, switches and relays, motion sensors, photocells etc.

Warranty Agreement - Nite FX provides:
  • 2 Year LED Bulb Replacement Warranty
  • 5 Year Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime Brass Fixture Manufactory Warranty Replacement
  • 1 Year Timer Relay Manufactory Warranty Replacement

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