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Walkway Lights

Walkway Lights - Walkway Lighting Dallas Texas Your garden and yard add to the beauty of your home and that’s exactly why you pay so much attention to getting them designed and installed well. We at Nite FX Landscape Lighting are the exterior lighting experts that have worked very closely with individual homeowners across Coppell, Denton, Dallas, Fairview, Flower Mound and Farmers Branchas well as landscape designers to ensure that the lighting aspect of a landscaping is set in place the way it should be.

Why is Walkway Lighting Important?

Many of our customers in and around Argyle, Arlington, Addison, Allen and Carrollton have approached us to get their landscape lighting upgraded. We handle all types of projects and ensure that our customers get the kind of solutions that work perfectly for them. Exterior lighting is no less than a science and an art and when we are planning this, we take the overall look and theme of the landscaping into account.

We know from experience that just placing a few floodlights at different spots in the landscaping isn’t going to help it look unique in any way. It’s why we work very closely with each one of our customers to understand what their vision is and then give it form. Many landscapes have pathways and walkways that lead to different areas of the garden or yard. The best way to keep these surfaces safe to walk on after dark, is to install walkway lighting along their border.

Walkway Lighting - Different Techniques

Today, there are a number of installations to choose from and there is never any dearth of choice. We use a range of path lighting techniques to ensure the light installations don’t look predicable:

  • We stagger lights along the walkway’s border- this helps break the monotony of having parallel lines of lights along the path
  • At certain points we may add louvered path lights- these are typically installed along garden steps;’ they provide sufficient illumination without attracting too much of attention
  • It is important to understand that when you are considering getting landscape lighting done, path lights should be at the top of your priority list. They throw sufficient lights and, beautify the rest of the elements around them
  • We ensure the lights aren’t placed very close to each other and this helps maintain an uncluttered look
  • The lights won’t be too bright –we know that when it comes to path lighting, subtlety is everything
  • Today you can also choose to get solar limp posts installed on your property- these are un-wired posts, lamps or lanterns and they have LED bulbs, which makes them highly energy-efficient and helps lower your energy bills
  • We believe that the lights shouldn’t stand out and jar the senses. This is why it’s important to plan the right kind of accent pathway lighting

We have the expertise, knowledge and the resources to provide the best walkway lighting solutions at the most reasonable pricing. For more information, call Nite FX Landscape Lighting at 214-440-1015. You can also contact us via this online form.