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Walkway Lighting, Security Lighting & Lighting Maintenance in Prosper, Texas

Walkways are important features in your landscape. They connect different areas of your property and allow you convenient and safe access. But keeping them safe requires much more than professional paving. Professional landscape lighting is important to ensure safety, security, and beautification. At Nite FX Lighting, we provide complete outdoor lighting solutions for your home or commercial property in Prosper, TX and the surrounding regions. We are experienced, licensed, and insured to provide high-quality exterior lighting solutions.

Walkway Lighting

When it comes to landscape lighting, pathway lighting should be at the top of your list. Our walkway lighting services help illuminate your walkways and pathways and add accents to your garden. We provide the services for your exterior walkways, pathways, and driveways. Our services allow you to illuminate the dark areas to enhance safety and security.

Walkway lighting is a unique addition to your landscape in that it can throw lights the right way to enhance the beauty of the surrounding elements and features. We will create a lighting design to illuminate all aspects of your pathway including:

  • The changes in elevation
  • All the steps
  • Entry point

While also addressing the functional needs, our services will also plan for the aesthetic elevation of the feature. Some of the key features of our walkway lighting services are as follows:

  • The lights can be staggered along the walkway’s border to avoid giving the traditional sense of parallel lines of lights along the pathway.
  • Louvered path lights can be added along the garden steps to provide the required amount of illumination without drawing a lot of attention.
  • The lights are positioned in an uncluttered manner and not too bright.

We can also install un-wired solar limp posts featuring LED bulbs.

Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting makes your outdoors safe and secure while providing you peace of mind. At Nite FX Lighting, we also provide a full range of external security lighting services and solutions. From design and installation, we are the experts you can rely on for high-quality solutions. We have been serving areas around the Collin and Denton Counties for years, addressing the customized needs of our clients.

Your property will have dark and shadowy areas and they can be inviting spaces for potential burglars, intruders, vandals, and miscreants. Our well-designed security lighting can make your home safer by not just illuminating such spaces but also with motion-sensing lights.

Some of the key benefits of such outdoor lighting are as follows:

  • Deterring burglars, intruders, and vandals from entering your property.
  • Allowing you, your family, and guests to walk safely around your property without any worries or surprises.
  • Preventing critters from getting into your yard.

Lighting Maintenance

Our low-maintenance and high-efficiency LED lighting solutions are geared towards keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum. While these are low-maintenance systems, there are some aspects of outdoor lighting that require periodic inspection and care to ensure they run at their optimal levels.

We provide landscape lighting maintenance packages for systems that have been installed by us or even other companies in Prosper, TX. Our packages feature periodic reviews involving inspecting the entire system, running system checks, looking for any signs of damage, and creating a report for any required repairs. An outdoor lighting maintenance package will typically include:

  • Replacing any burnt-out bulbs
  • Replacing broken light stakes
  • Refocusing light projections
  • Removing debris formed in and around lighting fixtures
  • Repairing broken lights
  • Repairing cut wiring
  • Tightening any loose components
  • Checking transformers’ voltage
  • Reburying exposed wiring
  • Resetting timers

When you choose us for your outdoor lighting maintenance requirements, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that the job is handled by experienced professionals.

From small residential backyard lighting jobs to large-scale commercial landscape illumination projects, no job is too big or too small for us. We understand that every landscape is unique and needs customized illumination solutions. Feel free to discuss your specific lighting requirements with us by giving us a call at 214-440-1015 or send us your queries through this contact form and we will call you back.