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Exterior landscape lights are meant to enhance the beauty of your well manicured shrubs and plants. Nite FX Lighting offers a large selection of quality exterior, landscape, outdoor lighting products. The quality exterior landscape lighting products we recommend are available in many finishes and sizes to suit your needs. If you are not sure what you are wanting, we are happy to give you many suggestions and ideas. With Nite FX Lighting you can transform any outdoor setting with durably constructed lighting for lasting illumination. Contact Nite FX Lighting Today!

Outdoor Lighting

Most modern homeowners want to incorporate energy-efficient materials and install energy-efficient appliances in their homes, which is true for lighting fixtures and fittings. We offer reliable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties. LED outdoor lights are approximately 80% more efficient than standard lights, resulting in significant savings on your energy expenses. While these bulbs are more expensive upfront than normal bulbs, they last up to 50,000 hours, making them highly cost-effective in the long term. Our staff can effectively design and install all types of low-voltage outdoor lighting that blends seamlessly into your landscapes or gardens. These technologies will significantly raise your property's appearance, make it much safer, and increase its value. We make every effort to provide energy-efficient solutions within our clients' budgets. View our Outdoor Lighting Products >>

Landscape Lighting

As skilled lighting professionals, we understand where to place up-lights, floodlighting, and downlights in landscape lighting projects. This is another crucial factor since it draws attention to other characteristics on your property, such as masonry or an unusual tree structure. Our team of lighting specialists will conduct a complete inspection of all landscaping aspects, taking note of any ornamental elements such as fire features, water features and strategically installing landscape lights to accentuate them. Additionally, we employ a variety of additional outdoor lighting options and offer custom design, installation, and repairs for these elements. View our Landscape Lighting Products >>

Commercial Lighting

A business's success is directly related to its outdoor commercial lighting quality. Many companies take exterior lighting lightly since they are more concerned with how their building appears during the day. That's reasonable for businesses that close at 5 p.m., as they don't see many clients after dark. However, people continue to drive past after dark despite the early business closing time. Furthermore, they may sometimes build an impression of the business based on how it seems while it is closed. If a building is illuminated and appears clean and secure, people will have a more favorable opinion of it, irrespective of whether they intend to visit. View our Commercial Lighting Products >>

Security Lighting

Security lighting in the outdoor areas is a critical component of landscape design. Outdoor lighting enhances the aesthetics and utility of your property's open spaces; perhaps, more importantly, it enhances the security of your home in the Dallas metroplex. Well-illuminated yards and gardens serve as a deterrent to criminals, trespassers, vandals, or burglars. Regardless of the project scope and your property size, we work directly with you to fully understand your unique needs. We then install lighting fixtures that increase the security aspect of your home based on these needs and the location of entryways and other elements on your property. While the upfront cost of some security lights may appear to be high, the reality is that we build energy-efficient systems that give a long-term return on investment. View our Security Lighting Products >>

Pool Lighting

The pool on your property provides a leisure zone for you and your family to unwind. These spaces also serve as an ideal location for entertainment. While it's easy to appreciate the beauty of the sparkling water during the day, you'll need the appropriate pool lighting to achieve the ambiance you desire in your yard. It's not unusual for swimming pools to resemble a black pond after dark if your home lacks poolscape lighting. You can avoid this by installing appropriate lighting. Our company has designed some magnificent pool lighting solutions using various high-quality external lighting options, including pool garden lighting, feature lighting, and more. These lights also add to the poolscape’s safety while adding to your property’s beauty. We create superb lighting plans to meet your styling preferences and budget. View our Pool Lighting Products >>