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Various Garden Lighting Applications

Garden Lighting Dallas, TX Having a beautiful home is also a lot about having beautifully-planned garden and yard spaces. That is exactly why residential property owners focus so much on getting the outdoor areas of their property, designed by landscaping experts. While landscape design and the placement of various features are important, it’s equally important to have the right type of lighting on your property.

Nite FX Landscape Lighting is a company that provides excellent outdoor lighting solutions to customers across Dallas, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and Rockwall, as well as in Garland, Carrollton, Plano, Grapevine and Highland Park. Many people wonder why they need the services of a landscape lighting company to spruce-up the look of their garden. After all, the only thing they have to do is position a few lamps and floodlights at different places on their property.

Range of Exterior Lighting Applications

Well, the fact is that exterior lighting is much more than that. It’s about ensuring that all the outdoor spaces are well lit and that the right type of fixtures are used in the installation. Since gardens and yards need a sufficient amount of lighting, it’s important to position light installations at appropriate locations. The different types of lights that could be installed are:

  • Garden accent lighting is one of the best ways to highlight the interesting features on your property.
  • Spotlights are another excellent installation but have to be used with care. They are suitable to light decorative features and water elements etc.
  • Underwater lights are used to light water features like fountains, ponds, creeks pools and waterfalls
  • The one way to light beautifully structured trees in your garden or yard, is to train floodlights on them
  • Natural stone features like retaining walls with in-built seating can be lit with recessed lighting
  • If you have garden steps in the landscape, those can be lit as well
  • Pathway and walkway lamps are the best way to make these features safer to walk on. It becomes easier to navigate the yard and garden areas, and helps prevent slipping and tripping accidents
  • If you have outdoor features such as an outdoor kitchen or a pool house or even a deck or patio, you can use accent lighting and mood lighting for these spaces. It helps to create a very comfortable and relaxing ambience on your property
  • The one thing to keep in mind is that floodlights are a good option for some spaces on your property, but they tend to throw dark patches in certain areas of the landscaping, even as they light one area very well. The one way to avoid this from happening is to add some ambient lighting in the surrounding. This helps offset those dark spots
  • Garden lamp posts and paver lights enhance the appearance of these installations.

Different Lighting Effects

In addition to all this, effects such as wash lighting, grazing, downlighting and uplighting are an excellent way to add drama to your backyard or garden. When you are considering any type of landscape lighting to your landscape, it’s a good idea to hire the services of garden lighting contractors such as Nite FX Landscape Lighting. That way you can be assured the outdoor areas on your property will look stunning even after dark.

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